“Learn from the Masters is famous for cooperating with world class martial arts teachers and hosting very well organized events.”

Rory Miller : Violence Dynamics

This year Rory will teach us on every aspect of Violence Dynamics.

Thursday : Conflict Communications

If you have ever wondered why your boss ignored a suggestion that could save millions of dollars, or why you have the same argument again and again with your spouse, the answers are here. As well as the tools to do something about it. You will have the background, the principles, and a collection of tricks to manage and ideally avoid dangerous conflicts.

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Friday : Infighting Seminar

You will learn the basic Building Blocks, including: “Moving a Body”, Locks, Takedowns, Gouges, Striking, Kicking, Leverage, “Strangles and Chokes” and “Spine Manipulation”. In Infighting you are close enough to throw, sweep, strike, strangle, gouge, bite…and not too close to kick, if you know how. Distance is time and if you’re fighting at zero distance you have no time to waste.


Weekend : Facing Violence Seminar

Rory Miller explains seven elements that must be addressed to adapt your self-defense training for the most common types of street violence. Any training that dismisses any of these areas leaves you vulnerable to a potentially deadly violent assault and you might be training yourself to go to jail. Anyone training self-defense needs to understand these concepts.

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Guided Chaos : Ghost Hitting

Guided Chaos is a unique martial art created in 1978 by ex-cop and forensic crime scene expert John Perkins. Instead of rigid techniques or rules-based sport fighting, Guided Chaos prepares you for the unchoreographed chaos of real violence by teaching adaptability so you can spontaneously create your defense.

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Jan Bloem : Full Circle Seminar 1

Systema Full Circle is een seminarcyclus van in totaal vier tweedaagse seminars. Deelname aan alle vier seminars geeft een volledig inzicht in de basisconcepten en principes van Systema. In deel 1 staan de fundamenten centraal. Centrale thema’s zijn: Ademhaling, Balans, Mobiliteit, Sensitiviteit, Impactability, Ground Engagement, en nog veel meer.

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Iain Abernethy : Kata Bunkai

Iain is one of the world’s leading exponents of applied karate and kata application (bunkai). The bunkai that Iain teaches are not prearranged, nor are they static, complex, elaborate or reliant upon finite movement. Iain’s approach to karate makes kata application practical, simple, direct and accessible to all. And it’s a lot of fun too!

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