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Guided Chaos

The grease that makes all your other training work better.

Friday : Guided Chaos Combatives

Simple, quick and deadly, this is the first level of Guided Chaos. Guided Chaos-enhanced WWII Close Quarters Combat. Dramatically increase hitting speed, power, balance and footwork that you can practice on your own–and put to use immediately. Walk out with skills you can put to use immediately. Master them in 6 weeks (with diligent training).

Simple, effective techniques created for U.S. soldiers in World War II and used in thousands of documented police and military conflicts.

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Saturday : Principles, Drills and Flow

Free your body and mind to fight with the natural animal motion best suited for humans. Using internal principles integrated into a pure combat system along with Native American fighting concepts of “anything goes” adaptability. Rather than using robotic, regimented or sportive techniques, it focuses on pure improvisation to help you survive the unchoreographed chaos that characterizes every real life and death struggle.

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Sunday : Ground Fighting and Boxing

We emphasize principles of evasion and sensitivity that dictate you NOT attempt to control, grapple, lock up or otherwise directly engage the enemy (this leaves you vulnerable to multiple attackers). Your body rolls, spins, snakes and slithers from control, like a mongoose or enraged alley cat. This is counter to most grappling philosophies. The last thing you need is to tie up with a bigger and stronger attacker. Disable the enemy and escape.

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Guided Chaos : Ghost Hitting

Guided Chaos is a unique martial art created in 1978 by ex-cop and forensic crime scene expert John Perkins. Instead of rigid techniques or rules-based sport fighting, Guided Chaos prepares you for the unchoreographed chaos of real violence by teaching adaptability so you can spontaneously create your defense.

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Jan Bloem : Full Circle Seminar 1

Systema Full Circle is een seminarcyclus van in totaal vier tweedaagse seminars. Deelname aan alle vier seminars geeft een volledig inzicht in de basisconcepten en principes van Systema. In deel 1 staan de fundamenten centraal. Centrale thema’s zijn: Ademhaling, Balans, Mobiliteit, Sensitiviteit, Impactability, Ground Engagement, en nog veel meer.

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Iain Abernethy : Kata Bunkai

Iain is one of the world’s leading exponents of applied karate and kata application (bunkai). The bunkai that Iain teaches are not prearranged, nor are they static, complex, elaborate or reliant upon finite movement. Iain’s approach to karate makes kata application practical, simple, direct and accessible to all. And it’s a lot of fun too!

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