• iain_shuto

    Do you train your kata as a complete fighting system?

    Kata-expert Iain Abernethy will show you that your kata was designed and can still be used for civilian self-defense if trained in the right way.

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  • iain_kata_throw2

    You think your kata is only blocks, kicks and punches?

    During this weekend Iain Abernethy will show you that your kata also consists of throws, joint locks and strangles.

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  • iain_otoshi

    Is your sparring based on your kata?

    Most karate practitioners treat kata and sparring as two separate things. Iain will show you how to incorporate your kata in your sparring, making it much more interesting!

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  • iain_impact

    Do you already use impact equipment?

    Learn why and how you can incorporate impact equipment in your training. Not only for basic punching, but for a whole lot more!

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  • iain_ground

    Do you have grappling in your karate?

    Old masters like Funakoshi, Motobu and Mabuni show grappling skills in their books. If we study kata, grappling is a very important part!

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  • escape_drills

    Do you train avoidance and escapes?

    Everyone knows we should avoid a fight and try to get away as soon as possible. But did you ever train that? Or is all you train only fighting skills?

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What will you learn during this seminar?
Practical karate

What will you learn during this seminar?

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Who is Iain Abernethy?
World class teacher

Who is Iain Abernethy?

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  • meer_dan_11_uur_trainen
    Over eleven hours of training!

    In two days, with over 11 hours of training, Iain will show us how to look at kata from a functional perspective. He will [...]

  • gratis_lunch
    Free lunch, tea & coffee during breaks!

    In Holland we love free stuff, so your lunch, coffee and tea will be free for the entire seminar! On both days lunch will [...]

  • gratis_t_shirt
    Free commemorative t-shirt for weekend participants!

    You like to show everyone else you’ve been to this amazing seminar? Book your weekend tickets now, because for everyone who buys tickets full-weekend-tickets [...]

  • gratis_blauwe_plekken
    Free scrapes & bruises for all participants!

Abernethy brings karate back into the real arena and shows us the real beauty of the art with his innovative and with his pioneering concepts of kata bunkai

Geoff Thompson 7th Dan Karate, World-renowned Self-protection expert

Iain's work is always professionally produced, excellently presented, thoroughly researched and eminently practical

Traditional Karate Magazine

If you are interested in learning effective (no nonsense), practical karate kata bunkai that includes chokes, strangles, locks, throws, groundwork that is taught in a friendly, safe, professional and very informative manner, then Abernethy's seminars are a must!

Ken Harrisonk, 4th Dan Karate