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    Breaking down Bassai Dai by Iain Abernethy

    Iain Abernethy will show us what Passai or Bassai Dai kata is all about. Real practical self-defense it is!

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    A Practical view on karate by Iain Abernethy

    This is your chance to learn from one of the best teachers in the world of practical karate.

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What will you learn during this seminar?
Practical karate

What will you learn during this seminar?

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Who is Iain Abernethy?
Practical karate

Who is Iain Abernethy?

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What we


Iain Abernethy brings karate back into the real arena with his pioneering concepts of kata bunkai.

Geoff Thompson; Self-Protection Expert and Best-Selling Author

Sensei Abernethy teaches functional application of traditional kata. The "secret applications" of kata are laid bare by his hands on, practical instruction

Dan Anderson; 7th Dan; former US National Champion

If you are interested in learning effective (no nonsense), practical Karate Kata Bunkai that includes chokes, strangles, locks, throws, groundwork etc that is taught in a friendly, safe, professional & very informative manner, then Iain's Seminar's are a must!

Ken Harrison; 4th Dan Martial Artist